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The Bitter fruit Benefits. Here Are Health Benefits of Mahogany

Health Benefits of Mahogany
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Mahogany, who does not know that this plant. The fruit is consumed, it can not exclusively, but for small children is very familiar with the fruit of this one. for children the benefits of mahogany fruit is not for consumption but for the game propellers. Quite simply to use mahogany fruit for children game, throw mahogany upwards then it will be circling.

There are some usability benefits of mahogany that we can get, some of which is used to treat hypertension or high blood pressure, blood sugar disorders, lack of drive to eat, to prevent blockage of the blood vessels, reduces cholesterol and fat levels in the blood vessel walls, help relieve the disease, bleeding and bruising.

Health Benefits of Mahogany Tree

Therefore, it is not wrong if Malaysia mahogany mahogany call as sky fruit. This is because it is a fruit that has a property to benefit a truly remarkable. To the extent that this makes the neighboring country stout made of mahogany as the base material of drug production.

In contrast to their own country. So many of mahogany trees but instead allowed to fall on the road. No doubt when the mahogany very useful only perfunctory by the indigenous population. Sometimes children older than two years still want breast milk to her mother. In this sense should not be given.

The reason is the children who consumed breast milk to her mother not to consume, but consume blood. It  by children increasingly tough toughness. And the more the disease being sucked by children. By why is it so berkegunaan mahogany seeds to finish sitting on this case.

By applying enough mahogany seeds powder in the breast, then the child will be a deterrent itself and would not want to ask to suck your breast. Mahogany seeds are not only has benefits for human life. But also very usefulness for farm animals.

By combining these seeds in the cattle drink the spirit of the animal feed will increase. In addition benefits ofmahogany seeds can also work as an antioxidant that can counteract free radicals. With the mahogany skin will always remain awake from wild sting sun.

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Health Benefits of Mahogany Tree

Mahogany is anti-fungal and anti-pyretic (reduce heat). The bitter fruit is also useful to reduce hypertension, restore appetite, cure fever, and improve immunity. The greatest health benefits of mahogany seeds are as a cure malaria and diabetes. 

Health Benefits of Mahogany Making a Healthier Heart
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1. Health Benefits of Mahogany Making a Healthier Heart

Flavonoids contained in mahogany seeds serves to increase circulation. Meanwhile, saponin is very useful for heart health. The combination of two such compounds may be perfect and have benefits for our heart to be healthier.

2. Keeping the blood sugar in good condition

Saponins useful to drain the blood sugar smooth. So that the blood sugar levels in a normal condition.

3. Serves as a Natural Insecticide

Mahogany seeds that have been mashed into powder, has benefits for the immune supplements that are protected from the dangers of insect bites. This is because one uses the saponin which prevents insects.

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4. To Facilitate Fefecation

Assist in the smooth process of metabolism. So he was able to smooth bowel movement. The trick is to smooth the mahogany seeds continue brewed with warm water. And then drunk.

5. Preserving Alzheimer

Alzheimer's disease is a malignant disease and is not regenerative. But one cup of milk with a mixture of powdered seeds mahogany addition, it will help the body become more healthy and grow old.

6. Mahogany Seeds for Menstruation Can Minimize Pain During Menstruation

When women experience menstruation, usually aches and pains definitely felt. One way to reduce aches and pains is to eat the seeds of mahogany.

Health Benefits of Mahogany Can Improve Male and Female Fertility Hormones.
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7. Health Benefits of Mahogany Can Improve Male and Female Fertility Hormones.

In order for the marital relationship becomes more harmonious, always keep the vitality that always fit the necessary supplements. One natural supplement is the fruit of mahogany.

Thosre are the health benefits of mahogany tree, While the mahogany seeds side effect of the use of mahogany seeds in excessive doses can trigger the formation of gallstones.

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How to consumption mahogany seeds to get health benefits of mahogany fruit

1. The first way, you can directly feed mahogany seeds after the outer skin has been peeled. This can be done if you hold the bitterness.

2. The second way is, pour the powder made of mahogany seeds are finely ground into hot water.

3. In addition, there are also a variety of mahogany seed extract is now made. There were packed with powder, capsules, essential oils, instant powder, etc. Choose according to taste you like.

To make the powder, dry seeds mahogany subsequently milled until smooth.

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The side effects of the use of mahogany

Excessive consumption of mahogany seeds can trigger the onset of cholesterol in bile. He was able to cause gallstones. This is due to saponins and flavonoids in mahogany. So, at most per day dose of 200 mg.

Flavonoids contained in mahogany is effective to reduce hypertension. However, if the use is excessive, it is capable of causing an effect is not good for the body. So, you must be a good and wise to eat these seeds. According to the herbalist, the perfect dose in eating mahogany seeds: 1 seed per day. If these seeds are eaten as a natural remedy. While in extract form, you are able to adjust the dose to get maximum benefits of mahogany tree

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