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Lets RUN, Benefits of Routine Jogging in the Morning

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Benefits of Running Morning Every Day - After reading this article the author expects it to you who belong to the category of people who are lazy to exercise in order to start little by little to get used to exercising. Because the less often you exercise, then your body strength will also be reduced because it was never trained. Running is one of the very light exercise is recommended to be done regularly. No need to run a distance of many kilometers, but enough to run a few meters away, up a sweat but the record should routinely and regularly.

Running is a sport that is very simple, just move the legs and arms, his movements almost exactly the same as the movement of our time walking just accelerated speed. Although it is a sport that is very simple, a lot of the benefits of running, especially running in the morning. Why choose an exercise in the morning ?. One reason is because the morning air is still fresh, still has not been contaminated by pollution from vehicles passing and to prepare the body to keep fit before starting work.

Benefits jog

Is it limited to just the morning run benefits ?. Of course not, because there are many more benefits other morning run, and here are some summary of the benefits go jogging for our health:

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Burn fat in the body

By regularly getting used to run in the morning will gradually reduce the fat in your body. Because when run will take place the fat burning process in the body. It is usually characterized by discharge of sweat from our bodies, which is the result of burning body vapor that eventually condenses into droplets out through the pores of the skin.

Shaping and toning muscles

If earlier said that the morning run can burn fat in the body, but not necessarily with a morning run we will become emaciated. Rather run will form our muscles so that will be firmer and stronger. These benefits will certainly be very useful to the athletic and the men who really need to be in shape.

Benefits of Routine Jogging in the Morning to Treat insomnia
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Benefits of Routine Jogging in the Morning to Treat insomnia

By doing a morning run regularly then your body will be very fit. Wake up and sleep schedule so that we will always be well organized, because it will keep us out of the habit of sleeplessness / insomnia.

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Reduce the risk of diabetes

By burning fat each day course with a morning run at the same time each day will reduce your weight gradually. The weight loss of 5% to 10% is proven to reduce the risk of diabetes

Benefits go jogging every day

  • Respiratory system healthy
  • Improve the performance of the heart
  • Burn excess calories in the body
  • Preventing cardiovascular disease
  • strengthen bones
  • reduce stress
  • nourish the eyes
  • Keep in shape
  • Prevent sexual dysfunction
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Cause a sense of enthusiasm to continue activities
  • Streamlining the performance of the brain
That was some summary of the benefits run for health. 2 things you need to remember is, do not need to run too long, as it can cause the muscles are too tired, so instead of adding a fitness instead make weak, tired and lethargic.

So much time was running well you should expect, try not to run over 30 minutes. The other thing that is a kit that you use when running. Ranging from clothing, shoes and other accessories. Do not use kit that is too hard or too rough so that it will restrict the movement of the body and can cause injury or an injury. Use the kit are made from soft and elastic.

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