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Benefits of underrated fruit, persimmon for health

Health Benefits of Persimmon Fruit
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Benefits of underrated fruit, persimmon for health – Persimmon the fruit that has latin name Diospyros feet are fruit with shape look like apple  Persimmon fruit is unique, not because of the shape, but because of its luscious. Yes, this fruit as a fruit cheekily dubbed as the whole skin sprinkled with powder.

Although flirty and always ornate, unfortunately, people rarely want to pick this fruit as a favorite meal. Never consume, glancing course not. Persimmon is really looked with a single eye. And if people know, a lot of benefits that are owned by persimmon they must be very shocked.

Because of the resemblance it, the persimmon is also often called java apple. In addition to being wasted fruit, persimmon is also the fruit of the periphery because it is not on display in supermarkets but in traditional markets.

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Regardless of the treatment he received, persimmons still providing really great benefits for anybodies health who consume them. Yes Benefits of Persimmon is really good for sick person like coughs or asthma, persimmon can cure. In addition, for those who got burn, persimmon can handle. In fact, persimmons can also be used to prevent and treat diabetes.

In Indonesia, this powdered fruit called “Kesemek”, in other countries, persimmon known by different names. For example, in China, the persimmon is called “shi”. The Malays call it fruit or fruit “tanned legs”. In Vietnam, the persimmon is called “hong”. While in Thailand, called “phlap chin”.

Persimmon fruit has a yellowish green color and orange yellow. No yellow flesh, some are orange. It is sweet and has a distinctive aroma. Although it looks like his nickname is not lucrative, but the benefits and efficacy of persimmon contains more important.

How to get the benefits of persimmon fruit
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Health benefits of persimmon

Health benefits of persimmon fruit soluble carbohydrates such as sucrose, glucose and fructose. In addition, this fruit also contains tannin, sirulin, and iodine. These substances are potent cholesterol and hypertension, prevent and cope with diabetes mellitus and heart, to treat cough and asthma, digestion, overcome dysentery and diarrhea, hemorrhoids, coronary heart disease, ulcers, bronchitis, disorders of the spleen, kidney disorders, weight loss, smooth bowel movement and stop the bleeding.

Research has been conducted about the nutritional content of persimmon. In addition to the substances mentioned above, persimmon also contains another nutrition namely fiber, tannin, lycopene and polyphenols.

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Fiber contained in persimmon also has function to bind carcinogens and outputs it to the digestive tract. Not only that. Fiber in persimmon apparently more than the apple so as to facilitate the digestive system and lose weight persimmon has better rank than apple.

Tannin is generally conceived unripe persimmon cause astringent taste. But the higher the level of maturity of the fruit, the tart flavor that will turn out to be sweet. Substance lycopene in it acts as an antioxidant antidote to cancer.

While polyphenols efficacious cholesterol so that it will avoid the risk of heart disease. In short, all the vitamins and minerals contained in the persimmon fruit is higher than popular as apples.

How to prepare Persimmon

To get the health benefits of persimmon the first to know is how to prepare it.  Part of persimmon which can be used are leaves and fruit. In 100 grams of persimmon leaves 704 contained vitamin C. That is why now many persimmon leaves is used as an ingredient to make a healthy drink. Because, persimmon leaves benefits is to prevent arteriosclerosis, resolve inflammation and stop the bleeding.

While persimmon fruit can be eaten alone or processed into foods and beverages such as salads, jams, sweets, pudding, pie, ice salad, iced fruit, and juice.

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