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Do not Miss this. 10 Benefits of Lime for acne and scars

10 Benefits of Lemon for acne and scars
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Lime is one type of fruit that is often used by beauty experts for facial skin care men and women. Lime contains more vitamin C than other citrus fruits which includes besides containing vitamin C was also contained other nutrients that are good for the health of facial beauty for instance there are Vitamin B1, essential oils, amino acids, sulfur, resins, glycosides and citric acid.

This is the reason why the benefits of lemon juice to the acne very well done!

1. Can shrink pores

Facial pores which have a wide or large very easy to enter various impurities that exist in the air. Open pores will heap dirt mixed together with the oil and cover the pores and bacteria decompose into the contents acne develops. No wonder the faces which have large pores are very prone. Lemon water can shrink and close the pores are large, rubbing or apply every day one in order to condition the small pores is maintained.

2. Can remove impurities

Lemon water binding dirt and oils that the skin surface. Acidity keep the stability of the skin after cleansing. Benefits of lemon juice to the acne, able to lift the remaining dirt or makeup that are still lagging behind in the pores that are usually invisible to the eye.

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3. Fades acne scars

Usually acne scars will leave a trail wound or scar, due to dirt mixed with bacteria removed by force or use tools that are less sterile. Acne scars are usually brown to black and very disturbing to see the face. Lemon water is able to diminish acne scars and lightens gradually. to quickly succeed should apply lemon juice on your face every day a day at bedtime and then wash the next day.

4. Kill the bacteria that cause acne

Dirt and oil that accumulate on the surface of the face will be taken over by the bacteria that decompose decaying and settled in the pores, then will cause the skin to become itchy, stinging, pain, rash, red rash, swelling and others. Lime juice contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, and therefore capable of killing bacteria that cause acne.

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5. Preventing inflammation in Acne

For some men and women there who have cystic acne and contains fluid flushed if solved will cause irritation and inflammation. Never tamper for acne if you do not know how.

The hand is the source of the bacteria most easily interact with the acne condition. Apply lime juice every day will reduce or prevent inflammation of acne. Even if the sore is a sign that the volatile substances were working well.

6. Facilitate expenditure acne

Lime juice are acidic and bind dirt cause of acne be undergoing a process of hardening. At that moment there was no inflammatory acne and acne harsh contents are ready to be issued. But use a special tool for making acne that had previously been sterilized beforehand with hot water. If you can not consult a beauty expert or a person who has understood correctly by removing acne.

Benefits of Lime for acne and scars
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7. Healing the wounds caused by acne

Many people who complain of pain and tenderness when the acne has been issued. For those who squeeze pimples by hand condition that is not sterile, it will happen as a result of pushing acne will experience irritation, if severe will cause swelling.

Lime water can neutralize pushing acne scars from becoming worse. Facial wounds caused by acne will feel sore if smeared with lemon juice but hold it for a minute so the healing process can occur rapidly. If the wound has long occurred basting with lemon juice should be done at night before bed, then rinse the next day.

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8. Can leveling uneven skin tone due to acne

Stricken face acne for many years and inflammation can cause damage to the pigmentation in the area of ??the growth of acne. Uneven skin tone and very disturbing overall facial appearance. Lemon water is able to fade the color of the skin does not mean that, if you are diligent and regular smear the face with lemon juice is added a little honey. daily use as a mask.

9. Can accelerate the healing of acne emerging

Stricken face acne for many years and inflammation will lead to changes in pigmentation around the area of ??inflammation. Skin color streaks and uneven, the area of ??inflammatory acne tend to appear darker.

Face conditions that have uneven color can be annoying to see a clean face. It can interfere with the overall facial appearance. Lime juice contains anti-bacterial and vitamin C are powerful, if both substances are joining will be able to fade the color of the skin and reducing inflammation there.

10. Prevent new acne

Clean face of acne will not last long, if not diligent in cleaning the face after the completion of activities outside the home or never clean your face at bedtime. In order to keep the face free from acne should every bedtime rub lemon juice on your face for 20 minutes, then rinse with cold water or leave for one day until morning.

How to Make a Mask Lime

Benefits of lemon juice to treat and cure acne can be combined with other herbal ingredients and prepared daily as a mask, as follows:

Lemon water + egg white

Combined with lemon juice and egg white mask can be used daily is safe and efficacious to brighten rough skin, has a hole brown spots and blemishes width of about pimples that consequently face so look dull due to acne who are recovering.

Lime juice + yogurt

Combined lime juice and yogurt can be used as a mask daily after coming home from work routine activities. Simple mask that Rich of nutrients are able to eliminate fatigue on the face at the same time with cleaning the acne.

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Lemon juice + water red tomatoes

Combined water and lemon juice and ripe tomatoes helps a person who has a stubborn and difficult to cure acne. Stubborn acne is usually caused by one's own psychological level unstable and susceptible to stress and lack of rest.

Lime + banana juice ripe

Combined with lemon juice and a banana that was old very helpful for preventing the growth of acne to someone who has a routine work hours over 8 hours. Apply this mask every day or as often as you can. in addition to preventing and treating acne mask, moisturizes the skin throughout the day so that it can protect skin from dehydration and irritation.

Allow him to use lemon juice as a facial skin care?

Lemon juice can be used for the treatment of skin health in men , according to medical, faces of men tend to have excess oil glands and easily soiled. To maintain hygiene and skin PH men are advised to apply the lemon juice every day or as often as they could.

Basically, not only women are allowed to use lemon juice as a facial skin care mask or use daily as a complementary treatment of facial skin, the advised to use the same mask.

facial skin care men and women are different
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Why facial skin care men and women are different although the masks used are the same?

All face masks made from natural ingredients such as fruits and other herbal ingredients have the power and the same function in skin care for men and women. This is the factor that causes the acne skin care in men and women differently:

The difference between men's facial skin over must use masks made of material with high acidity due to the consideration that men have sweat glands and skin excess sebum. Even the men's skin is much thicker, has a layered surface structure is more than a woman's skin is much more delicate, thinner and more supple. It can be different because of hormonal factors that are different between men and women.

Having healthy skin, radiant and without acne annoying is a matter of pride. It was more than enough to reveal to the world, is someone who is dynamic and exciting.

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