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Many Benefits of Beet Fruit For Health

Benefits of Beet Fruit
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Benefits of beet for health. Perhaps many people do not know about the fruit beets because these plants do not grow in Indonesia, but the fruit is often used as a natural dye for food. Plants that enter into the category tubers were originally contained in the American region as well as English. But now beet mainly been found in many supermarkets.

Benefits of beet very much, It is obtained because the fruit contains several compounds that are needed by the body. There are many ways to eat fruit beets, that is by making juice, boiled briefly to salads, soups and others. Before we get into the review of the benefits of beet to health, it helps us know the content of what is contained in these fruits.

Nutritional Content of Beet Fruit:

• Vitamin C 10.2%, Function: Growing Network and Channel Normalize Blood,

• Magnesium 9.8%, Functions: Functions Maintain Muscle and Nerve,

• Folic Acid 34%, Function: Growing And Changing Cells Damaged,

• Phosphorus 6.5%, Function: Strengthen Bones,

• Caumarin What Works To Prevent Tumor, Dan

• Betasianin For Cancer Prevention.

• Potassium 14.8%, Function: Streamlining Balance In The Body Fluids,

• Fibre 13.6%,

• Tryptophan 1.4%,

• Iron 7.4%, Function: Energy Metabolism And Immune System,

• Copper 6.5%, Function: Shaping Red Blood Cells,

Benefits of Beet for Health

Benefits of Beet Fruit for Heart Health
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1. Benefits of Beet Fruit for Heart Health

Beet fruit is useful for reducing high blood pressure. In addition, the fruit of this one can also improve blood circulation in the body. The content of betaine contained in the beet can reduce the concentration of homocysteine ??(a substance that can cause peripheral vascular disease and stroke). Betaine is also beneficial to reduce fat deposits from the bloodstream that block blood flow to the heart.

2. Increases stamina

Drinking beetroot juice can help people exercise longer 16% because the content of nitrate to reduce spending or combustion oxygen during exercise, so that the fatigue caused by exercise is reduced. In addition, the benefits of beet juice is used as is to be used as a tonic juice romance, add energy and also smoothing blood flow.

3. Anemia

Beets can also help overcome anemia. This is because the iron content is high enough, which is useful to reactivate and regenerates red blood cells and oxygen supply is beneficial for the health of red blood cells.

4. Digestive problems

If you have digestive problems, nausea, diarrhea and dysentery, DAPT overcome by drinking carrot beet juice mixed with a tablespoon of lemon juice or lime. In addition, the benefits of drinking beetroot juice that has been used and mixed with a tablespoon of honey in the morning before breakfast can help reduce digestive problems in the stomach.

5. Natural Cleanser for kidney and gall bladder

Benefits of beet another is to cleanse the kidneys and gallbladder. The combination of beet juice, carrot and cucumber is one of the best natural way to cleanse the kidneys and gallbladder of toxins that accumulate in the organs of the filter.

6. Natural food coloring

Betanin content of beet to produce a brilliant red color that is often used for natural food colorants, eg ice cream, jellies and more.

Those are some of the benefits of beets to health, always follow other health information herein, may be useful and can add to our knowledge of all.

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