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Read This!! Great Benefits of Papaya Leaves For Human Health

Benefits of Papaya Leaves
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Maybe you already know the efficacy of eating fruit or papaya. But did you know that papaya leaf also has benefits for health? It is no secret anymore, that actually leaves of papaya contains a healing agent for a particular disease. Besides papaya is also effective to strengthen your immunity. To reduce your curiosity, following some health benefits by eating papaya.

Digestive problems

Papaya leaves can eliminate the bacteria responsible for gastrointestinal problems. Papaya leaves can also prevent acid reflux in digestion. In addition, papaya leaves can also minimize inflammation in stomach lining.

Inflammatory problems

Tea made from papaya leaves can also cure inflammation caused by irritable bowel syndrome.

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Problems cancer

Papaya leaves contain a compound known as acetogenin that are believed to kill cancer cells.

Raise platelet levels

Someone who has a low platelet count, is also recommended to consume papaya leaf tea regularly. Because Papaya Leaves can cure the problem of shortage of platelets in the body.

Benefits of Papaya Leaves for menstrual pain
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Benefits of Papaya Leaves for menstrual pain

Eating papaya leaf tea is also effective for pain when coming months. Try to consume papaya leaf tea 3 times a day when coming months.


For those of you who suffer from constipation, try to consume a glass of papaya leaf tea in the morning. It is believed powerful to overcome the problem of constipation.

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Here's how to make tea from the leaves of papaya:

  1. Prepare tea and some papaya leaves.
  2. After the boil tea and papaya into one liter of water.
  3. Once boiled, put the boiled water into the bottle and let it be in the refrigerator for several days.
  4. After that you drink water on the third day.

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