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10 benefits of Alcohol for hair care

rubbing alcohol for hair growth
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10 benefits of Alcohol for hair care - In everyday life, all forms of alcohol consumption is often considered taboo in society.

So the Government must issue any rules governing the production, distribution, and alcohol in the dairy community. Alcohol drink continuously can cause effects sleepy, drunk or unconscious, so that it can endanger yourself and others in the vicinity.

Alcohol in terms of chemistry is an organic compound that has a hydroxyl group (-OH) and attached to the carbon atoms. Alcohol contains ethanol and methanol, as well as several other compounds such as propanol, butanol, pentanol and other compounds, according to use. beer for hair.

But alcohol does not only cause negative effects for the health of the body. The benefits of alcohol in daily life turns out to be pretty much used for the medical world, facial and body treatments, as well as other purposes.

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Daily Life Use of Alcohol

In everyday life the use of alcohol among other things:
  • As the raw material manufacture of alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, whisky, and vodka. Alcoholic beverages contain ethanol 5%-40%
  • As a solvent or reagents, such as lacquer and vernis
  • Rate of 70% ethanol is used as an antiseptic. Alcohol-based gel is also commonly used as hand sanitizer
  • As a maker of plastic materials, explosives, and cosmetics or beauty products a faceor body
  • A mixture of ethanol and methanol used to spiritus
  • In cosmetic products, the use of alcohol are indeed commonly used in its alloy, such as handbody lotion, roll on perfume, or facial cleanser. But alcohol is also beneficial to maintaining healthy hair to hair care that is broken. Utilization of alcohol for this hair with the use of alcoholic beverages and alcohol for antiseptic. Alcohol is an antiseptic usually used in medicine and we can get in pharmacies-pharmacies. Alcohol is used for the treatment of wounds or to clean the skin before it is injected.
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Alcohol for hair care

Curious with the benefits of alcohol for the hair, its benefits:

To make the hair look expands

Alcoholic beverages contain proteins, so proteins which nourish each strand of hair can be seen more shiny and fluffy. The trick is to heat the ¾ cup of alcohol to shrinkso ¼ cups, let stand until thickened and cool then mix it with the shampoo. Use this herb to shampoo, then rinse with water until clean.zinc deficiency.

As a conditioner

Use a deep conditioner after shampooing with shampoos often is not considered important by many people. Whereas the use conditioner after the shampoo that is very important, that makes the hair becomes shiny, smooth and fluffy.

If you want toget a different sensation in wearing the conditioner, we can replace the product into the hair conditioner with alcohol that can replace the function of the conditioner.

The trick is to squirt alcohol into hair that has been wash with the atomizer. Can with wet hair or dry already. After that, the hair will look more smooth, the same as when we use a deep conditioner.

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Shiner and smoothes hair

Using alcohol is one of the best ways to get your hair silky and shiny.
The trick is to squirt alcohol into wet and dry hair naturally. Can also be used beforeblow dry or styling your hair.

Provide nutrients to the hair.

This alcoholic beverages in addition to protein, there is also content of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants needed body. To keep hair health, provide proper nutrition to hair. Alcohol can meet the nutrients to the hair as well.

Here's how by providing a mix of alcohol and shampoo like way above, then rinse hair with water until clean.rubbing alcohol for hair growth.
rubbing alcohol for hair growth
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To repair the damage to the cuticle of the hair

The cuticle of the hair (hair membranes) is the outermost layer of the wall of the hair shaft. The cuticle serves to protect the inside of the hair.

Cuticle hair can be damaged because of developing or because it is constantly exposed to the Sun. Damage to the cuticle of the hair, this can lead to dry hair and branching.

To repair the damage to the cuticle of the hair, use a mixture of alcohol and shampoo at a time when shampooing, then rinse until clean. Do this routine once in 2 weeks to get maximum results.

To cultivate the hair follicles

The hair follicle is a SAC small root hairs are one. With the use of a mixture of alcohol and shampoo, it can add volume hair follicles so that it becomes strong and not easily fall out.

Restores hair wetness

Hair care for alcohol can be used with just coat the hair with alcohol. Protein in alcohol this will help retain moisture in the hair.

Overcome hair branching

The hair with the ends of the hair splitting the two is called branched hairs. The cause of this branched hairs because of the deficiency of nutrition, the influence of ultraviolet rays, the hair is too long, straighting hair too often or because of the use of chemicals in the hair.

To overcome hair branching can be done by placing an alcohol in hair massage and then let stand for a few moments, then rinse with cold water to clean it.

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Overcome hair dry and dull

It has a dry and dull hair is very hard to set up. With the help of the protein from thealcohol, the humidity of the hair can be maintained so that the hair is not easy to dry and dull again and be easily arranged. Use a mixture of alcohol and shampoo once a week to fix the problem.

To get rid of hair lice

Hair lice is a blood parasite that lives in the head section. The female mite was capable of bertelu six fruit a day, and these eggs attached to strong in the hair.

A lousy hair often interfere with the appearance of the US because the egg-white egg whichstuck to the hair will appear clearly in black hair. It also makes hair lice head itch so that we become frequent scratching their heads.

To remove the hair lice, use alcohol containing 70% isopropyl alcohol and absolute.How, prepare a container or bowl and then pour the alcohol into it.

Use fingers for rubbing alcohol all over the section of hair then rubbed slowly across the surface ofour heads. Let stand for a few minutes first. Then comb the serit comb with its function to clear lice egg, then let stand astray again.

After felt was enough, wipe your hair with a shampoo to clean. Do this once a week in one or two months.

nail salons that serve alcohol near me.Who would have thought, the use of alcoholic beverages that we consume usually turns out to be drunk can be used for hair care.

Even alcohol as an antiseptic have ability to eradicate head lice hair. So if you like to consume alcoholic beverages, try never to be used for hair care. The result is no less good with when using hair care products sold in the market.

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