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Benefits of Pubic Shear for Woman

benefits of trimming pubic hair
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Benefits of Pubic Shear - many of us are only paying attention to cleanliness and outward appearance. Hygiene are not seen even ignored. Pubic hair or fur, for example.We are more likely to pay attention to the hair that is in our heads rather then pay attention, take care, cleaning or shaving pubic fur.

Whereas care and cleanliness of pubic fur (pubic hair) are equally important. As a believer, should have become a concern to us. Because of the cleanliness of it most rather than faith.

Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair Female

Here are 5 benefits that you can get if you routinely shave pubic fur:

1. Reduce Moisture and sweat

The first benefit of shaving or trimming pubic fur is to reduce humidity and sweat on the crotch.The crotch can be damp and sweaty if his fur is too dense. So that it can interfere with your activities.

Excess sweating in the groin was brought about because of a combination of long fur and hot weather. This is the normal mechanism of the body.

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2. Take away the itch and bacteria

Itching of the skin could occur because of growing and development of bacteria and fungi. Are bacteria and fungi can grow and grow quickly on a body part that is often in humid conditions.

However, it would be a different case if you shaved pubic fur. Guaranteed attack of bacteria and the itch you can prevent and avoid.

3. Prevent Genital Lice

Health benefits of pubic shear is preventing genital hair lice bersarangnya. Dense pubic fur can be a gathering place for genital hair lice that ultimately can make your crotch became itchy.

This pubic hair lice is a type of small insects that attack and infect the fur around the pubic. Mark the appearance of pubic hair for lice is itching around the sex organs. And the itching is increasingly becoming the time of night.

So, to address and deter fleas pubic hair then always keep the cleanliness of the genital organs. One of them with a treat and trimming their pubic.

benefits of shaving pubic hair female

4. Avoid Odor

The sweaty crotch part because heavily genital feathers can also cause odor.

Odor is no other arises because of the lack of air circulation that seamlessly coupled with high humidity and sweat that is stuck.

This odor can also be caused because the gatherings of dirt and dead skin cells on the pubic fur. Dense pubic fur made of dirt and dead skin cells have accumulated in it.

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5. More clean time of Menstruation or Childbirth

This is one of the benefits of shaving the pubic fur for women i.e. more clean time of menstruation or childbirth.

Female pubic fur lush when menstruating or parturition can cause discomfort, because blood can parturition period and cake on the pubic fur.

Therefore, to maintain a sense of comfort and hygiene when hadih or parturition, pubic hair should be shaved prior to the arrival time of a menstruating or parturition.

Therefore, in trimming their pubic hair to look the right way and be careful in doing so. Please read our tips on "how to Shave the pubic Fur."

 pros and cons of shaving female pubic hair
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In closing, to avoid itching after shaving the pubic hair should never use a razor. The use of a razor blade will make pubic fur growth will sharp, tapered and rigid. This could make the itch itch.

Hopefully the explanation 5 benefits of pubic shear is beneficial for you. Greetings.

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10 benefits of Alcohol for hair care

rubbing alcohol for hair growth
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10 benefits of Alcohol for hair care - In everyday life, all forms of alcohol consumption is often considered taboo in society.

So the Government must issue any rules governing the production, distribution, and alcohol in the dairy community. Alcohol drink continuously can cause effects sleepy, drunk or unconscious, so that it can endanger yourself and others in the vicinity.

Alcohol in terms of chemistry is an organic compound that has a hydroxyl group (-OH) and attached to the carbon atoms. Alcohol contains ethanol and methanol, as well as several other compounds such as propanol, butanol, pentanol and other compounds, according to use. beer for hair.

But alcohol does not only cause negative effects for the health of the body. The benefits of alcohol in daily life turns out to be pretty much used for the medical world, facial and body treatments, as well as other purposes.

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Daily Life Use of Alcohol

In everyday life the use of alcohol among other things:
  • As the raw material manufacture of alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, whisky, and vodka. Alcoholic beverages contain ethanol 5%-40%
  • As a solvent or reagents, such as lacquer and vernis
  • Rate of 70% ethanol is used as an antiseptic. Alcohol-based gel is also commonly used as hand sanitizer
  • As a maker of plastic materials, explosives, and cosmetics or beauty products a faceor body
  • A mixture of ethanol and methanol used to spiritus
  • In cosmetic products, the use of alcohol are indeed commonly used in its alloy, such as handbody lotion, roll on perfume, or facial cleanser. But alcohol is also beneficial to maintaining healthy hair to hair care that is broken. Utilization of alcohol for this hair with the use of alcoholic beverages and alcohol for antiseptic. Alcohol is an antiseptic usually used in medicine and we can get in pharmacies-pharmacies. Alcohol is used for the treatment of wounds or to clean the skin before it is injected.
beer for hair
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Alcohol for hair care

Curious with the benefits of alcohol for the hair, its benefits:

To make the hair look expands

Alcoholic beverages contain proteins, so proteins which nourish each strand of hair can be seen more shiny and fluffy. The trick is to heat the ¾ cup of alcohol to shrinkso ¼ cups, let stand until thickened and cool then mix it with the shampoo. Use this herb to shampoo, then rinse with water until clean.zinc deficiency.

As a conditioner

Use a deep conditioner after shampooing with shampoos often is not considered important by many people. Whereas the use conditioner after the shampoo that is very important, that makes the hair becomes shiny, smooth and fluffy.

If you want toget a different sensation in wearing the conditioner, we can replace the product into the hair conditioner with alcohol that can replace the function of the conditioner.

The trick is to squirt alcohol into hair that has been wash with the atomizer. Can with wet hair or dry already. After that, the hair will look more smooth, the same as when we use a deep conditioner.

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Shiner and smoothes hair

Using alcohol is one of the best ways to get your hair silky and shiny.
The trick is to squirt alcohol into wet and dry hair naturally. Can also be used beforeblow dry or styling your hair.

Provide nutrients to the hair.

This alcoholic beverages in addition to protein, there is also content of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants needed body. To keep hair health, provide proper nutrition to hair. Alcohol can meet the nutrients to the hair as well.

Here's how by providing a mix of alcohol and shampoo like way above, then rinse hair with water until clean.rubbing alcohol for hair growth.
rubbing alcohol for hair growth
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To repair the damage to the cuticle of the hair

The cuticle of the hair (hair membranes) is the outermost layer of the wall of the hair shaft. The cuticle serves to protect the inside of the hair.

Cuticle hair can be damaged because of developing or because it is constantly exposed to the Sun. Damage to the cuticle of the hair, this can lead to dry hair and branching.

To repair the damage to the cuticle of the hair, use a mixture of alcohol and shampoo at a time when shampooing, then rinse until clean. Do this routine once in 2 weeks to get maximum results.

To cultivate the hair follicles

The hair follicle is a SAC small root hairs are one. With the use of a mixture of alcohol and shampoo, it can add volume hair follicles so that it becomes strong and not easily fall out.

Restores hair wetness

Hair care for alcohol can be used with just coat the hair with alcohol. Protein in alcohol this will help retain moisture in the hair.

Overcome hair branching

The hair with the ends of the hair splitting the two is called branched hairs. The cause of this branched hairs because of the deficiency of nutrition, the influence of ultraviolet rays, the hair is too long, straighting hair too often or because of the use of chemicals in the hair.

To overcome hair branching can be done by placing an alcohol in hair massage and then let stand for a few moments, then rinse with cold water to clean it.

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Overcome hair dry and dull

It has a dry and dull hair is very hard to set up. With the help of the protein from thealcohol, the humidity of the hair can be maintained so that the hair is not easy to dry and dull again and be easily arranged. Use a mixture of alcohol and shampoo once a week to fix the problem.

To get rid of hair lice

Hair lice is a blood parasite that lives in the head section. The female mite was capable of bertelu six fruit a day, and these eggs attached to strong in the hair.

A lousy hair often interfere with the appearance of the US because the egg-white egg whichstuck to the hair will appear clearly in black hair. It also makes hair lice head itch so that we become frequent scratching their heads.

To remove the hair lice, use alcohol containing 70% isopropyl alcohol and absolute.How, prepare a container or bowl and then pour the alcohol into it.

Use fingers for rubbing alcohol all over the section of hair then rubbed slowly across the surface ofour heads. Let stand for a few minutes first. Then comb the serit comb with its function to clear lice egg, then let stand astray again.

After felt was enough, wipe your hair with a shampoo to clean. Do this once a week in one or two months.

nail salons that serve alcohol near me.Who would have thought, the use of alcoholic beverages that we consume usually turns out to be drunk can be used for hair care.

Even alcohol as an antiseptic have ability to eradicate head lice hair. So if you like to consume alcoholic beverages, try never to be used for hair care. The result is no less good with when using hair care products sold in the market.

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14 the secret of the Usefulness and benefits of Soursop Leaf

14 the secret of the Usefulness and benefits of Soursop Leaf
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14 the secret of the Usefulness and benefits of Soursop Leaf - Benefits of soursop leaves very much for the health of the body, good for maintaining the health of the body especially the body inside, and also to tackle various diseases that attack.

Diseases that can be handled by content contained in soursop leaves very much. Ranging from minor illnesses like coughs up a disease that is scary for many people such as cancer. Already since the 1970s, much research done over the benefits of soursop leavesare mainly conducted by researchers around the world.

But somehow, millions of benefits of soursop leaves the conclusion of these studies is not known well by the public. Whereas, as an alternative medicine, magical content of soursop leaves is very important to spread expand lah. In addition to natural, soursop is also easily obtainable and cheap obtained. Really be an alternative for those who do not want or cannot afford to spend millions of dollars to the cost of medical treatment to the doctor.

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The advantages and benefits of Soursop leafBenefits Of Soursop Leaf

What are the benefits or the benefits of soursop leaves and how do I get it? Check out a whole section of our article here carefully.

1. The benefits of Soursop Leaf to cope with Diabetes

Benefits of soursop leaves the first one is to address diabetes. Diabetes is a condition when the level of glucose in the blood we exceed normal thresholds. When normal glucose levels in the blood of us ranges between 70 mg to 120 mg.

Diabetes is also referred to as Diabetes. In the case of severe diabetes or already at the stage of type 2 diabetes, sufferers will experience numbness in certain parts of the body, very frequent urination, decreased weight drastically, appetite increases sharply, the vision began to blur and opaque, easily tired, thirsty, and often wound healing very slowly.

To overcome this diabetic should not go directly to the doctor. If symptoms are mild, you can take advantage of the soursop leaves, as the soursop leaves contain nutrients that are able to stabilize glucose levels becomes normal. In other words, there are benefits provided soursop leaves as a natural cure for diabetes.

How to treat diabetes with soursop leaves
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How to treat diabetes with soursop leaves:
How to treat diabetes with soursop leaves is just 2-5 strands of soursop leaves are cleaned with clean water flowing to clean bacteria and germs. Then boil the soursop leaves boiled in water, where as much as 3 cups. Simmer until the water is reduced to kuang more one glass. Drink in the evening and morning routine for 3 to 4 days. After that, please check Your sugar levels. Guaranteed there will be change.

2. Benefits of Soursop Leaf To Cancer

Benefits of soursop leaves the second is soursop leaves known to be very effective to fight cancer. Since 40 years ago, a study by the health experts have already proved it. But the information is very less, so the main treatment society still rely on doctors in the hospital.

Whereas the handling of cancer can be derived from existing soursop tree in the back garden of your home. It has been proven that the soursop leaves contain active ingredients 10,000 more efficacious and powerful to fight cancer cells than chemotherapy. Positive effect is the disease of cancer will more easily and quickly recover with utilization of soursop leaves as compared to the process of chemotherapy long, agonizing, and it took charge of it.

All types of cancer ranging from prostate cancer, lung cancer, or breast cancer, can be overcome with good guaranteed.

How to use soursop leaves to cure cancer:
How to use soursop leaves to cure cancer is not much different from the way on healing diabetes. Its method is by boiling soursop leaves a number of 10 pieces. But remember, the previous need to be washed first so clean of germs and bacteria.

Stir in 3 cups of water into a place to boil, and heat the water. Enter the soursop leaves into it while already simmering. Boil until the water is reduced to about 1 Cup. Discard the leaves, pour the water into a glass to drink regularly in the morning. Do with routine for 3-4 weeks. Afterwards, do health checks for changes to a better body condition and cancer more helpless.

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3. Benefits of Soursop Leaf to treat Gout

The benefits of soursop leaves next is to treat gout. Gout is a disease that inflicted on people because of the high levels of purin substance on her body. Substances can be obtained from purin animal foods especially and in some cases also on vegetables and fruit.

So, sufferers of gout dietary restrictions is offal, sefood, meat extracts, canned food, and other animal foods. To overcome the uric acid with the following tips.

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Benefits of Mango Leaves For Healthy Body

Benefits of Mango Leaves For Healthy Body
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Benefits of Mango Leaves For Healthy Body, this time we will discuss about Mango. Hearing the name of the fruit this one is not familiar to us, it can even be found easily in each of these areas even very easy to be found growing in the yard that had a fruitful season as well.

All already know that the fruit that this one contains a lot of vitamin C, but you know no other than fruit, it leaves also have health benefits that we can make as a herbal medicine Loh.

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Benefits of Mango Leaves For Healthy Body

Let us just discuss the benefits of mango leaves for health, so the benefits include among others the following:
mango leaves

Treating Diabetes

Mango tree leaves contain tannins and anthocyanins, which help to treat diabetes early. Mango leaf tea is very good for helping to treat diabetic angiopathy and diabetic retinopathy. It also helps treat hyperglycemia. The leaves contain a compound called taraxerol-3beta, and the ethyl acetate extract synergy with insulin to activate GLUT4 and stimulates the synthesis of glycogen.

According to the author of Health, mango tea has been used by European doctors to help treat diabetes and vascular problems associated with diabetes. The authors claim that the mango tea has been linked to slow the progression of diabetes, and is also related to the healing of blood vessels in and around the pancreas that has been damaged by diabetes.

Overcoming Nervousness

For people who suffer from anxiety because anxiety, mango leaves provide a good home remedy. Add 2-3 cups of tea leaves of mango in a water bath helps to treat anxiety and refresh the body.

Benefits of Mango Leaves For Lowers Risk of Hypertension
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Benefits of Mango Leaves For Lowers Risk of Hypertension

The authors of Health added that the mango leaf tea drinking may help in the treatment of hypertension, to strengthen the fragile blood vessels that can cause hypertension. The authors recommended health mango drink one cup of tea every day to help treat hypertension. Mango leaves helps lower blood pressure because it has hypotensive properties. It also helps to strengthen the blood vessels and treat the problem of varicose veins.

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Treating Gallstones And Kidney

Mango leaves help treat kidney and gall stones. For daily drink can take the powder of mango leaves are milled and dried in the shade with water and stored in a glass overnight, helped in solving kidney stones.
cure dysentery

Mango leaves help to treat bleeding dysentery. Dry mango leaves in the shade and then boiled with water and drink to stop dysentery

Breathing problems

Mango leaves are good for all kinds of respiratory problems. It is especially useful for people suffering from bronchitis and asthma. A concoction made by boiling the leaves of mango in water and drink with a little honey, can help to cure cough effectively. It also helps to heal the loss of voice.

Curing Burn

To heal skin burns, burn to ashes handful of mango leaves. Apply this ash on the affected area. This treatment will provide instant relief.

Ear pain

Ear pain can be quite annoying, use a home remedy to reduce them. One teaspoon of leaves of mango juice as eardrops that have previously been in the heat a little.

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Strengthens Stomach

Put some mango leaves in warm water then cover the container and leave overnight. The next morning strain the water and drink on an empty stomach. Perform routine to act as a good tonic stomach and help prevent various stomach ailments.

Prevent Hiccups And Throat Problems

If suffering from hiccups or throat problems, mango leavesis a good home remedy. Fuel little mango leaf and inhale the smoke to cure hiccups and throat problems.

Benefits of Mango Leaves For Fertilizing Husband and Wife
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Benefits of Mango Leaves For Fertilizing Husband and Wife

One of the benefits of mango leaves are rarely known to the general public which is to fertilize the couple. The way is easy, simply puree two spring onions and mango leaves to taste. Then mix with half a glass of warm water, then serve. The herb drink regularly.

Treating Gout

Leaves of mango in addition to treating diabetes, you can also use it to treat gout. Quite easy, mango leaves brewed in hot water, then serve. Potions can add honey or sugar to taste. You can also smooth mango leaves to make it easier.

rich in Antioxidants

Benefits of green tea have been known to have the highest number of potential benefits of antioxidants, in a study published in 2007 in "Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica," black and white tea are also shown to protect against oxidative damage. Dried Mango also contains small amounts of vitamin C, vitamin dissolves in tea leaves of mango which is also a natural antioxidant. Vitamin C provides protection against free radicals and toxins that can cause DNA damage in the body.

source of Vitamins

The authors claim that mango leaves are used to make high-mango tea benefits of vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C. The tea can be a healthy choice if you want to add more nutrients and vitamins to the daily diet. The authors also claim that Vitamin vitamins in tea mango is the main source of nutrition for people who are in underdeveloped countries.

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Benefits of Loofah and It’s Side Effect for Human Life

Benefits of Using a Loofah Fruit
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Benefits of Loofah and It’s Side Effect for Human Life - Loofah Fruit is a type of cucumber that has a pink color with the long form and the ends are enlarged and have a black lump at the end similar to the breast nipple. This fruit comes from the State of Vietnam. In Indonesia, including related loofah fruit with fruit squash is usually be done. The scientific name of the loofah fruit is luffa aegyptiaca.

Benefits of Using a Loofah Fruit

Here are some benefits of loofah to improve healthy life:

Cure constipation.

Loofah ripe fruit has high fiber content and good for the digestive system. If you has a digestive problem like bowel obstruction, consume loofah is one of many natural healing.

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As raw materials of furniture.

Loofah fruit can be used as raw material for furniture. Countries that many use as raw material for furniture are often found in countries Paraguay.

For a sponge bath.

Sponges used for bath made from loofah fruit. To use loofah fruit as bath sponge, loofah fruit is dried and cleaned prior to the remaining xylem fiber as a sponge. Aside from being a sponge bath, loofah fruit can also be used as a sponge to wash cutlery were stained.

As bath sponge, loofah has benefits for beauty skin. Not only remove the dirt in skin, but also make skin brighter, and shiny.

For snacks and meals.

In the State of loofah origin LOOFAH ORIGIN, this fruit is also widely enjoyed as an ingredient vegetables and snacks. It feels like the usual fruit squash cooked. If you want to enjoy as a snack, fairly thinly sliced pieces of loofah then seasoned and fried until crispy.

Benefits of Using a Loofah Fruit To lighten the skin.
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Benefits of Using a Loofah Fruit To lighten the skin.

If your skin feels dull, use a loofah sponge pieces to brighten the skin. As scrub, loofah fruit will exfoliate dead skin and pores of the skin. However, do not rub too hard as it can hurt skin.

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For cough medicine.

Boil loofah fruit and drink. Benefits of using a loofah cooking water as cough medicine is also as great as chemical medicine.

To overcome joint pain.

loofah fruit proven to treat pain in the joints.

Overcoming swollen.

Consuming fruit loofah can directly reduce swelling contained in the sinus or nasal.

loofah benefits for Menstruation Problem
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loofah benefits for Menstruation Problem

Streamlining launched breast milk and menstrual cycles. For women, it can accelerate the consumption of fruit loofah smoothing breast milk and menstrual cycles. If often experience irregular periods, Menstruation pain, then consume Loofah fruit regularly.

As a mask to remove panda eyes.

Where to stay up late or disturbed sleep can lead existing discount dark circles eye bags to look like a panda eyes. Use loofah fruit as a mask on the eyes. Enough with loofah fruit smoothness and paste in the area eye. It could also slicing fruit loofah.

Nutrition Of Loofah Fruit

In 250 grams of loofah are the nutrients and nutrient just like 40 cal energy, 2 grams or 8 cal calorie content, fat content of 2.25 cal and 38 cal carbohydrate content. In addition, folic acid and vitamin K in loofah Fruit very beneficial for the body.

Loofah fruit side effects

In addition to the benefits of fruits loofah, there are also side effects that can harm the fruit loofah if not addressed.

Excessive consumption of fruit loofah effects are dizziness, loss of concentration or even awareness and irritation.

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Accelerate the bleeding.

For patients with nosebleeds, loofah fruit consumption can accelerate bleeding. Heal nosebleeds before using loofah fruit are used to treat swelling.

The effect of using a sponge.

Do not use on the face as the face, including the part that sensitive and thin so feared damaging the face.

Those are the information that I can share about Benefits of Loofah and It’s Side Effect for Human Life. Thanks for reading. Hope you share it so other people can also know the benefits of loofah.

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7 Benefits Gambir To Eliminate Acne and scars

7 Benefits Gambir To Eliminate Acne and scars
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7 Benefits Gambir To Eliminate Acne and scars - Gambir is one of the materials used in nginang (chew some spices, javanese tradition). Gambir included in one group of herbal ingredients because of their usefulness in a variety of therapeutic treatment. One therapy that utilizes Gambier for the treatment of acne. Actually there are many ways to remove acne traditionally, one of which is using the Gambir. In addition to using the Gambir, there are also ways to remove acne with garlic.

In addition to the above ingredients, how to get rid of acne with toothpaste is also worth a try. After treatment, acne scars usually will appear. To eliminate it, otherwise do not want to use antibiotics, there are ways to remove acne scars with herbal ingredients. Treating acne with natural ingredients considered more than minimal risk using a type of antibiotic. Under certain conditions, there is the danger of acne antibiotic use for various reasons.

uncaria gambir used to turned out to have great ability in curing acne. Gambir can play a role in eliminating acne and scars. In addition, Gambier is also suitable to remove acne that cannot be broken by itself.

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Benefits of Gambir to remove acne

Before planning to treat acne, it is better if it is seen that cause acne on the face appeared. This is because the treatment will be closely linked. For example, an unhealthy lifestyle will trigger the growth of acne. Therefore, start a healthy lifestyle to avoid acne. Here are some benefits of Gambir to get rid of acne.

1. uncaria gambir medicinal uses to Prevent infection

Acne can be caused by a variety of factors, such as a viral infection. Gambir as the use of drugs in acne is considered very effective and minimal risks. The content of antioxidants have a role in preventing a viral infection that can cause acne. Therefore, Gambier can prevent acne come back naturally.

2. uncaria gambir extract to Prevent inflammation

In addition to preventing infection, antioxidants may also act as an anti-inflammatory. Already well-known that anti-inflammatory compounds useful for preventing inflammation. Gambir thus effectively acts as a way to overcome inflamed pimples. If the inflammation has stopped, then the next Gambir will soften acne scars that arise. The content in Gambir will automatically do things like this.

3. uncaria gambir effects to Reduce swelling

Inflamed acne is usually followed by swelling in the inner skin around the pimple. Swelling of acne is a process for mature acne, so acne will hatch. Swelling of acne if not addressed will be the cause of acne pus and bleeding. Therefore, the use of Gambir will reduce the swelling of acne quickly. Use gambier as a therapeutic in a way to make a mask first.

4. uncaria gambir uses Prevent acne scars

Acne scars can be avoided with proper care. One way is to Gambir. Gambir use as an acne treatment will provide a good effect in preventing acne scars appear. Acne scars can effectively be prevented its appearance if Gambir therapy has been applied when the acne appears. Treatment of acne scars after appearing will take time to disappear.

5. Disguising acne scars

Same with acne scar remover cream in a pharmacy, Gambier also has the same role in removing acne scars. Another advantage, Gambier will remove acne scars naturally and very effectively. Backed by its type as herbal ingredients, their use as therapeutic agents is minimal risk when compared to the use of drugs.

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Benefits Gambir To Smooth the skin
Image From:

6. Smooth the skin

Gambir also have an effect in smoothing the skin, especially the skin of acne scars. This is because the content of the form Gambir has catechins. Catechins will serve to smooth rough skin due to acne scars. In addition, these compounds will function inhibits the occurrence of acne on the face. The use of Gambir regularly can improve the condition of the face uneven.

7. Refreshing facial

Another Ha also be obtained from Gambir use as therapeutic agents is a refreshing face. This sensation can be obtained as Gambir will clean overall so that a fresh face. In addition to refreshing the face, another effect can be obtained is a facial toning. Gambir actually made of rubber, therefore also affect its use as a mask to tighten the skin.

How to use Gambir to eliminate acne

Because it is a solid, uncaria gambier use to get rid of acne should be smoothed beforehand. Smooth the first Gambir can be scraped or crushed and softened. Gambir is usually used as a natural mask for facial acne. How to remove acne with this mask is also very easy, just mix Gambir which has been mashed with warm water and then apply as a mask. Use of masks should be done in the afternoon with a frequency of three times a week. Gambir is one natural mask for facial acne.


At first, Gambir made from the sap mixed with various leaves and twigs potent plant. From some reference, in Gambir there are a number of antioxidant content is very beneficial for the body. In addition, some types of leaves contained in Gambir is also included in the list of plants acne removal. Other content that catechin has the function to smooth the skin. Other compounds are also present in Gambir are alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids.

uncaria gambir side effects

Due to the strong antioxidant content, there are some side effects that could be caused if Gambir not used correctly. Gambir Apply only on the part you want to cure it. This is because Gambir will make the skin becomes dry and even cracked. Do not get inflamed pimples steps to overcome it actually damaging the surrounding skin. Should, use this treatment should not be excessive.
Those are some benefits of gambir and its side effect, I hope this article will give you much more information about gambir and give you solution with your acne problem.

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Benefits of underrated fruit, persimmon for health

Health Benefits of Persimmon Fruit
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Benefits of underrated fruit, persimmon for health – Persimmon the fruit that has latin name Diospyros feet are fruit with shape look like apple  Persimmon fruit is unique, not because of the shape, but because of its luscious. Yes, this fruit as a fruit cheekily dubbed as the whole skin sprinkled with powder.

Although flirty and always ornate, unfortunately, people rarely want to pick this fruit as a favorite meal. Never consume, glancing course not. Persimmon is really looked with a single eye. And if people know, a lot of benefits that are owned by persimmon they must be very shocked.

Because of the resemblance it, the persimmon is also often called java apple. In addition to being wasted fruit, persimmon is also the fruit of the periphery because it is not on display in supermarkets but in traditional markets.

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Regardless of the treatment he received, persimmons still providing really great benefits for anybodies health who consume them. Yes Benefits of Persimmon is really good for sick person like coughs or asthma, persimmon can cure. In addition, for those who got burn, persimmon can handle. In fact, persimmons can also be used to prevent and treat diabetes.

In Indonesia, this powdered fruit called “Kesemek”, in other countries, persimmon known by different names. For example, in China, the persimmon is called “shi”. The Malays call it fruit or fruit “tanned legs”. In Vietnam, the persimmon is called “hong”. While in Thailand, called “phlap chin”.

Persimmon fruit has a yellowish green color and orange yellow. No yellow flesh, some are orange. It is sweet and has a distinctive aroma. Although it looks like his nickname is not lucrative, but the benefits and efficacy of persimmon contains more important.

How to get the benefits of persimmon fruit
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Health benefits of persimmon

Health benefits of persimmon fruit soluble carbohydrates such as sucrose, glucose and fructose. In addition, this fruit also contains tannin, sirulin, and iodine. These substances are potent cholesterol and hypertension, prevent and cope with diabetes mellitus and heart, to treat cough and asthma, digestion, overcome dysentery and diarrhea, hemorrhoids, coronary heart disease, ulcers, bronchitis, disorders of the spleen, kidney disorders, weight loss, smooth bowel movement and stop the bleeding.

Research has been conducted about the nutritional content of persimmon. In addition to the substances mentioned above, persimmon also contains another nutrition namely fiber, tannin, lycopene and polyphenols.

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Fiber contained in persimmon also has function to bind carcinogens and outputs it to the digestive tract. Not only that. Fiber in persimmon apparently more than the apple so as to facilitate the digestive system and lose weight persimmon has better rank than apple.

Tannin is generally conceived unripe persimmon cause astringent taste. But the higher the level of maturity of the fruit, the tart flavor that will turn out to be sweet. Substance lycopene in it acts as an antioxidant antidote to cancer.

While polyphenols efficacious cholesterol so that it will avoid the risk of heart disease. In short, all the vitamins and minerals contained in the persimmon fruit is higher than popular as apples.

How to prepare Persimmon

To get the health benefits of persimmon the first to know is how to prepare it.  Part of persimmon which can be used are leaves and fruit. In 100 grams of persimmon leaves 704 contained vitamin C. That is why now many persimmon leaves is used as an ingredient to make a healthy drink. Because, persimmon leaves benefits is to prevent arteriosclerosis, resolve inflammation and stop the bleeding.

While persimmon fruit can be eaten alone or processed into foods and beverages such as salads, jams, sweets, pudding, pie, ice salad, iced fruit, and juice.

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