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13 Amazing Benefits of Longan Fruits

13 Amazing Benefits of Longan Fruits
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13 amazing benefits longan fruit is probably not well known. In Mandarin, litchi fruit is also called the dragon's eye. This fruit has a sweet flesh and are often added to the cocktail. It feels refreshing and sweet makes the fruit into one of the favorite fruits in Indonesia.

Benefits Of Longan Fruit

However, did you know that there are 13 pieces of longan amazing benefits for your health? Curious is not it? Here's the explanation.

Boost the immune system

Longan is rich in vitamin C which helps boost your immune system. Lack of vitamin C can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, macular degeneration and certain types of cancer triggers. This fruit contains 84 milligrams of vitamin C per 3.5 ounces it. This amount meets the needs of 93 percent of the recommended daily vitamin C to the body, and more than 100% of the requirement of vitamin C for women every day, which is 75 mg per day.

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Strengthen Bones

A scientific study published in 2013 reported that a woman past menopause who have low copper levels were more likely to develop osteoporosis as they age. Adults need to consume about 900 micrograms of copper per day and 3.5 ounces of fresh longan can supply more than 19 percent of your daily requirement of copper. See also: 9 Benefits of Miracle Fruit cherry

Very good for the eyes

Riboflavin is a vitamin essential a part of the vitamin B complex. A man needs 1.3 mg of this vitamin each day, while a woman need 1.1 mg of riboflavin per day. According to a scientific study published in 2005, riboflavin deficiency can increase the risk of eye damage, particularly cataracts. Crude longan had 0.14 milligrams of riboflavin in every 3.5 ounces of her, but the dried longan has 0.5 milligrams per 3.5 ounces it. Eating 3.5 ounces of dried longan which is able to meet 38% of the daily riboflavin requirement for a man and 45 percent for women.

Amazing Benefits of Longan Fruits for Anti-aging
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Amazing Benefits of Longan Fruits for Anti-aging

Longan also turned out to be very beneficial for your skin. Longan has anti-aging properties and proven to improve skin health. The fruit is very beneficial for treating skin in the eye area, as well as to minimize wrinkles and brighten skin tone. Longan are also high in vitamin C can help to nourish the skin and make your skin become more supple. It also helps to nourish the gums and teeth.

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Reduce stress and fatigue

Longan fruit is very good for the heart as it helps in reducing stress and fatigue. Not only that. Longan is also good for the spleen and liver, and can rejuvenate blood circulation and provide a calming effect on the nervous system of the body. It also can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Accelerate the healing process

Together with polyphenols, longan fruit can fight Free Radical that threaten the body and also prevent cell damage. So as to assist in the healing process.

Blood circulation

This is why the longan fruit can be used also to prevent anemia. In addition, longan proven to control the levels of iron in the body.

Help the diet

Longan got fat and calories is very low. Half a bowl of longan fruit contains only 35 calories, which is quite appropriate choice for the diet.

Energy sources

Despite its fat and calories low enough, the fruit is in fact contain complex carbohydrates that can supply energy and improve stamina.

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Preventing colds and flu

The high content of vitamin C in the fruit can increase endurance, so help protect the body from fever and flu.

Treating Snakebite

Massaging the area bitten by a snake wearing longan seed is able to suck out the poison and at the same time heal the wound. Of course this should be done masterfully.

Maintaining healthy hair

Saponins contained in longan seed is a basic ingredient of shampoo can make hair more beautiful.

Treat burns

Take just a little skin or shell longan, grilled until charred. Finely crushed and then mix them with tung oil. Dab on the burned area.

That's 13 longan Fruit amazing benefits to health that is rarely known. So do not hesitate anymore to make them part of the fruits that you consume each day. Because behind this sweet and fresh longan save a lot of great properties.

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