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11 Benefits of Basil for Skin and Body Health

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I love basil, why? Yes because this basil has a huge benefit at all to me. The benefits of basil leaves most I feel is for my face hefty breakouts. The benefits of basil leaves to eliminate bad breath, prevent acne, and even able to prevent premature menopause.

Basil will indeed find a lot, especially if you eat fried foods with accompanying sauce, basil will be served as fresh vegetables. After consuming the basil leaves can eliminate bad breath and also creates a distinctive perfumed smell.

Benefits of Basil Leaves

But unfortunately not everyone likes these leaves, when so many benefits of basil leaves. Has the Latin name Ocimum basilicum, this is one of the unique aroma of leaves could arouse your appetite. Besides being used as a dish vegetables, basil leaves have turned out a lot of the nutrients that are good for the body.

There are many nutritional components in the basil leaves, ranging from beta-carotene (vitamin A). It will be very good for the senses of sight, boost immune function and also an antioxidant that prevents free radicals. There are also vitamin C in the benefits of basil leaves, this will serve as the formation of collagen for wound healing and skin tightening. There is also the phosphorus content which is useful for bone growth, absorption and transport also nutrients throughout the body. There are also magnesium that will make the heart function more calm and accelerate the flow of blood.

Basil Benefits For Health and Beauty

After know the content of what is on the leaves of basil, you naturally start wondering what are the benefits of basil leaves for the body, in addition to providing appetite stimulation. Here are some of the benefits of consumption of basil leaves for the body:

Increased heart health. One of the deadly disease now is a heart attack, and therefore a lot of things you can do to maintain a healthy heart. One of them with a basil leaf consumption, because it has lots of beta-carotene and magnesium content, the content of this will be very good to maintain heart health.

1. Preventing stroke

Entering old age one of the deadly diseases that can come suddenly was a stroke. Where there is no definite signs that can be recognized because it is the arrival of a sudden. Consumption of basil leaves will make the function of arterial blood increased, this is tantamount to the consumption of nuts.

2. To contribute to the health of the eyes and mouth

You must already know if the basil leaves contain lots of vitamin A (beta-carotene) will relieve panda eye, caused minus and also protect from eye stress. You will also be able to eliminate bad breath with the consumption of basil leaves, because it has a distinctive aroma after taking it.

Breast Milk become more productive with Basil Leaves
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3. Breast Milk become more productive with Basil Leaves

For those of you mother bear would certainly have suggested that consuming lots of leaves katuk abundant milk production, you can also consume leaves of basil because it also has the same content to facilitate milk production.

4. Herbs to Eliminating Vaginal Discharge

After menstruation, before and when you get menstruation you certainly will experience vaginal discharge, this is a normal thing but often arise itching caused by fungus. In the basil leaves no eugenol content that serves as a potent killers of fungi that cause vaginal discharge.

5. Delaying menopause

For women who have entered the age of 40 years and above would have to be entered menopause, this is a sign that you are not menstruating again so it is not possible to get pregnant again. You can delay the arrival of the future with the consumption of basil leaves, because there are substances that tryptophan can delay menopause without causing any side effects.

6. Curing fever and colds

It is a disease that often arise in the transition period, even repeated continuously. This treatment is perfect for toddlers who are very sensitive to the use of drugs, how to squeeze the basil leaves with red onion and coconut oil. Apply on the abdomen, back and chest so warm.

7. Smoothing circulatory system

Magnesium contained in this basil leaves help to expedite the body's circulatory system. Magnesium helps relax the control and the work of the heart.

8. Maintain a healthy heart

Magnesium and also beta carotene contained in basil is also beneficial for heart health.

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9. Prevent Acne

This basil leaves have antibacterial properties capable of reducing and preventing acne. This substance will help prevent infection by the bacteria that cause acne.
  • Take basil leaves
  • Soften up shaped like pasta
  • Use pasta had to be smeared on the face
  • Wait 15 minutes before rinsing
  • Then the last rinse

10. Prevent hair loss

Here's how:
  • Take basil leaves and puree until shaped pasta
  • Mix it with a hair oil (preferably coconut oil) then rub evenly to the hair
  • Let stand about 20 minutes, then rinse with shampoo to clean
  • Basil will enhance blood circulation in scalp thereby increasing hair growth cells.

11. Prevent the growth of gray

Here's how:
Soak the basil with amla powder overnight. The next morning use to wash. Amla powder is usually packed and sold in shops.

It is no longer assume that the basil as an extra vegetables instead, where there are a lot of benefits of basil leaves can even prevent and treat chronic diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

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