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Benefits of Loofah and It’s Side Effect for Human Life

Benefits of Using a Loofah Fruit
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Benefits of Loofah and It’s Side Effect for Human Life - Loofah Fruit is a type of cucumber that has a pink color with the long form and the ends are enlarged and have a black lump at the end similar to the breast nipple. This fruit comes from the State of Vietnam. In Indonesia, including related loofah fruit with fruit squash is usually be done. The scientific name of the loofah fruit is luffa aegyptiaca.

Benefits of Using a Loofah Fruit

Here are some benefits of loofah to improve healthy life:

Cure constipation.

Loofah ripe fruit has high fiber content and good for the digestive system. If you has a digestive problem like bowel obstruction, consume loofah is one of many natural healing.

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As raw materials of furniture.

Loofah fruit can be used as raw material for furniture. Countries that many use as raw material for furniture are often found in countries Paraguay.

For a sponge bath.

Sponges used for bath made from loofah fruit. To use loofah fruit as bath sponge, loofah fruit is dried and cleaned prior to the remaining xylem fiber as a sponge. Aside from being a sponge bath, loofah fruit can also be used as a sponge to wash cutlery were stained.

As bath sponge, loofah has benefits for beauty skin. Not only remove the dirt in skin, but also make skin brighter, and shiny.

For snacks and meals.

In the State of loofah origin LOOFAH ORIGIN, this fruit is also widely enjoyed as an ingredient vegetables and snacks. It feels like the usual fruit squash cooked. If you want to enjoy as a snack, fairly thinly sliced pieces of loofah then seasoned and fried until crispy.

Benefits of Using a Loofah Fruit To lighten the skin.
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Benefits of Using a Loofah Fruit To lighten the skin.

If your skin feels dull, use a loofah sponge pieces to brighten the skin. As scrub, loofah fruit will exfoliate dead skin and pores of the skin. However, do not rub too hard as it can hurt skin.

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For cough medicine.

Boil loofah fruit and drink. Benefits of using a loofah cooking water as cough medicine is also as great as chemical medicine.

To overcome joint pain.

loofah fruit proven to treat pain in the joints.

Overcoming swollen.

Consuming fruit loofah can directly reduce swelling contained in the sinus or nasal.

loofah benefits for Menstruation Problem
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loofah benefits for Menstruation Problem

Streamlining launched breast milk and menstrual cycles. For women, it can accelerate the consumption of fruit loofah smoothing breast milk and menstrual cycles. If often experience irregular periods, Menstruation pain, then consume Loofah fruit regularly.

As a mask to remove panda eyes.

Where to stay up late or disturbed sleep can lead existing discount dark circles eye bags to look like a panda eyes. Use loofah fruit as a mask on the eyes. Enough with loofah fruit smoothness and paste in the area eye. It could also slicing fruit loofah.

Nutrition Of Loofah Fruit

In 250 grams of loofah are the nutrients and nutrient just like 40 cal energy, 2 grams or 8 cal calorie content, fat content of 2.25 cal and 38 cal carbohydrate content. In addition, folic acid and vitamin K in loofah Fruit very beneficial for the body.

Loofah fruit side effects

In addition to the benefits of fruits loofah, there are also side effects that can harm the fruit loofah if not addressed.

Excessive consumption of fruit loofah effects are dizziness, loss of concentration or even awareness and irritation.

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Accelerate the bleeding.

For patients with nosebleeds, loofah fruit consumption can accelerate bleeding. Heal nosebleeds before using loofah fruit are used to treat swelling.

The effect of using a sponge.

Do not use on the face as the face, including the part that sensitive and thin so feared damaging the face.

Those are the information that I can share about Benefits of Loofah and It’s Side Effect for Human Life. Thanks for reading. Hope you share it so other people can also know the benefits of loofah.

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