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7 Benefits Gambir To Eliminate Acne and scars

7 Benefits Gambir To Eliminate Acne and scars
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7 Benefits Gambir To Eliminate Acne and scars - Gambir is one of the materials used in nginang (chew some spices, javanese tradition). Gambir included in one group of herbal ingredients because of their usefulness in a variety of therapeutic treatment. One therapy that utilizes Gambier for the treatment of acne. Actually there are many ways to remove acne traditionally, one of which is using the Gambir. In addition to using the Gambir, there are also ways to remove acne with garlic.

In addition to the above ingredients, how to get rid of acne with toothpaste is also worth a try. After treatment, acne scars usually will appear. To eliminate it, otherwise do not want to use antibiotics, there are ways to remove acne scars with herbal ingredients. Treating acne with natural ingredients considered more than minimal risk using a type of antibiotic. Under certain conditions, there is the danger of acne antibiotic use for various reasons.

uncaria gambir used to turned out to have great ability in curing acne. Gambir can play a role in eliminating acne and scars. In addition, Gambier is also suitable to remove acne that cannot be broken by itself.

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Benefits of Gambir to remove acne

Before planning to treat acne, it is better if it is seen that cause acne on the face appeared. This is because the treatment will be closely linked. For example, an unhealthy lifestyle will trigger the growth of acne. Therefore, start a healthy lifestyle to avoid acne. Here are some benefits of Gambir to get rid of acne.

1. uncaria gambir medicinal uses to Prevent infection

Acne can be caused by a variety of factors, such as a viral infection. Gambir as the use of drugs in acne is considered very effective and minimal risks. The content of antioxidants have a role in preventing a viral infection that can cause acne. Therefore, Gambier can prevent acne come back naturally.

2. uncaria gambir extract to Prevent inflammation

In addition to preventing infection, antioxidants may also act as an anti-inflammatory. Already well-known that anti-inflammatory compounds useful for preventing inflammation. Gambir thus effectively acts as a way to overcome inflamed pimples. If the inflammation has stopped, then the next Gambir will soften acne scars that arise. The content in Gambir will automatically do things like this.

3. uncaria gambir effects to Reduce swelling

Inflamed acne is usually followed by swelling in the inner skin around the pimple. Swelling of acne is a process for mature acne, so acne will hatch. Swelling of acne if not addressed will be the cause of acne pus and bleeding. Therefore, the use of Gambir will reduce the swelling of acne quickly. Use gambier as a therapeutic in a way to make a mask first.

4. uncaria gambir uses Prevent acne scars

Acne scars can be avoided with proper care. One way is to Gambir. Gambir use as an acne treatment will provide a good effect in preventing acne scars appear. Acne scars can effectively be prevented its appearance if Gambir therapy has been applied when the acne appears. Treatment of acne scars after appearing will take time to disappear.

5. Disguising acne scars

Same with acne scar remover cream in a pharmacy, Gambier also has the same role in removing acne scars. Another advantage, Gambier will remove acne scars naturally and very effectively. Backed by its type as herbal ingredients, their use as therapeutic agents is minimal risk when compared to the use of drugs.

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Benefits Gambir To Smooth the skin
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6. Smooth the skin

Gambir also have an effect in smoothing the skin, especially the skin of acne scars. This is because the content of the form Gambir has catechins. Catechins will serve to smooth rough skin due to acne scars. In addition, these compounds will function inhibits the occurrence of acne on the face. The use of Gambir regularly can improve the condition of the face uneven.

7. Refreshing facial

Another Ha also be obtained from Gambir use as therapeutic agents is a refreshing face. This sensation can be obtained as Gambir will clean overall so that a fresh face. In addition to refreshing the face, another effect can be obtained is a facial toning. Gambir actually made of rubber, therefore also affect its use as a mask to tighten the skin.

How to use Gambir to eliminate acne

Because it is a solid, uncaria gambier use to get rid of acne should be smoothed beforehand. Smooth the first Gambir can be scraped or crushed and softened. Gambir is usually used as a natural mask for facial acne. How to remove acne with this mask is also very easy, just mix Gambir which has been mashed with warm water and then apply as a mask. Use of masks should be done in the afternoon with a frequency of three times a week. Gambir is one natural mask for facial acne.


At first, Gambir made from the sap mixed with various leaves and twigs potent plant. From some reference, in Gambir there are a number of antioxidant content is very beneficial for the body. In addition, some types of leaves contained in Gambir is also included in the list of plants acne removal. Other content that catechin has the function to smooth the skin. Other compounds are also present in Gambir are alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids.

uncaria gambir side effects

Due to the strong antioxidant content, there are some side effects that could be caused if Gambir not used correctly. Gambir Apply only on the part you want to cure it. This is because Gambir will make the skin becomes dry and even cracked. Do not get inflamed pimples steps to overcome it actually damaging the surrounding skin. Should, use this treatment should not be excessive.
Those are some benefits of gambir and its side effect, I hope this article will give you much more information about gambir and give you solution with your acne problem.

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